A building envelope is the boundary between an air-conditioned space and the un-airconditioned space of a house or a business building.

This could mean several areas such as:

  • The floors over crawl spaces
  • The exterior walls
  • The flat ceilings
  • All fairly commonly known areas. But the envelope can be much more complex. These other areas are part of the envelope as well:
  • Fireplace chases in some states
  • Walls between the house and garage
  • Attic knee walls (walls that have conditioned space on one side and attic space on the other
  • Cathedral ceiling
  • Open sloped ceilings
  • Under the decked attic floors (usually under the mechanical systems or storage spaces)
  • Insulated basement walls and floors
  • All other chases be they electrical or plumbing.

These are but a few of the total areas that the envelope consists of. All of them must be sealed and insulated to meet the International Building Codes for the area’s the buildings are built in.

And in each area, BIC’s can be installed by a trained contractor!

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