Tri-ply, also known as ceiling film or ceiling paper, is a necessity in the broiler industry. This product is installed under the truss cord in poultry houses and supports the insulation above and allows the tunnel ventilation to operate effectively. It acts as the ceiling in poultry houses. Ceiling films are typically 6 mil to 9 mil in thickness and are either installed lengthwise or widthwise, depending on geographic location. The Southeastern United States prefers to use 129” – 150” width material that is attached perpendicular to the truss cord; However, in the Northeastern United States, they prefer 52” – 54” width material that is attached along the truss cord, in an eave to eave, truss span. It is attached with staples and is ideally supported with ½” polyester strapping to help support the insulation load that will rest above. Ceiling film is traditionally a reversible, two-sided product, with a bright white extrusion coat and a black extrusion coat which allows contractors to use either side as a finished ceiling. The installation is widely considered “proprietary” to each contractor. Generally, if you install the ceiling film in the house, you get the insulation project as well; which makes the art of installing ceiling film a valuable asset to the agricultural insulation industry. 

-D. Dixon

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