InsulTech fabrics, creating the perfect fit, part 2

In our last blog, we started to discuss how to install our InsulTech fabrics. Today we’ll continue sharing some tips and techniques that will help you install the fabric correctly and quickly.

Once we have our fabric rightside out and right side up, we can begin to staple it to the 6th side of the cavity. I say the 6th side of the cavity because it’s not meant to be used on the back side of the space. If it is, typically the fabric on the back (usually on the back of a knee wall) will bow out when you introduce fiber to the inside of your cavity.

This often leads to the stretching of the fabric and causing the fibers to settle, leaving a gap with no insulation at the top of the cavity. So, make sure the back of the cavity is covered with something more solid: Plywood, OSB, Foam board, etc….

Now that we have the pieces of fabric cut to fit each wall, we can start to install it. We strongly suggest starting at the top of the wall at the top of the top plate. Go to one of the corners and staple it in place then gently pull the fabric along the top plate, making it taunt, but not overstretching, stapling it at you move across the top plate.

Once you get to the end move back to the center of the wall.

Find the stud that is closest to the middle of the wall and staple from the top to the bottom, using the same technique as you used across the top plate, pulling it taunt, but not stretching the fabric to tight. Now we have created a “T”.

Next go to one of the bottom corners and gently pull the fabric and staple it into place, do that in the opposite bottom corner as well.

Now we have a taunt, but not to tight, application that can be finished rather quickly by going back to the middle of the wall and stapling the next stud, top to bottom all the way across to one side. When that’s done, do the same thing on the other side of the center stud, then staple across the bottom plate.

This takes a little practice, but once you’ve installed a few pieces you’ll be putting up fabric like a pro!

Stay tuned for part 3, the finale!

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