InsulTech fabric, creating the perfect fit every time!

There are no set rules on how install our InsulTech fabrics, but there are tips available to make it easier, and quicker.

Our objective is to have the fabric on tight, but not too tight, straight and no wrinkles. Here’s how many contractors achieve these goals.
First, as we mentioned in a previous blog, make sure the floors are free from construction debris as possible.

Second, make sure you’re using a sharp blade to cut the InsulTech fabrics. You don’t want to rip the fabric if you’re using a dull knife cutter.

Next, cut the fabric into manageable pieces, usually the length of the one wall you are covering. Try not to do more than one wall at a time as turning the corners with the fabric usually ends up creating more issues like wrinkles and stretching it out of shape to get it to fit the next wall. Doing one wall at a time saves time, and time is $$$.

Once you’ve made sure you’ve got the printed side facing you and right-side up (yes, this is crucial. A contractor, or worse, a homeowner, seeing the fabric upside down and backwards means we’ve not cared enough to install it correctly, what else did we do wrong?)

Come back for part two of our blog about creating the perfect fit for our InsulTech fabrics!

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