BIC systems are perfect for a house application, but why stop there?

If this system can be effective in a typical residential installation, why not use it in other construction applications including those framed with metal studs and joists.

Here is a list of other places BIC systems have been installed:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Professional office buildings
  • Multi-family projects
  • High Rise buildings
  • Agricultural facilities
  • University and college campuses
  • Nursing and extended care facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial structures like
  • Distribution Centers
  • Big Box stores
  • Warehousing
  • The system can be used in flat roof applications
  • Midfloors and common walls between living units
  • Sound control on any interior walls

Basically, if there’s’ a way to insulate a building, chances are good that you can use the BIC System in place of traditional insulation applications.

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