As you know with Blown Insulation Cavity Systems, the devil is in the details. We’ve written extensively on the preferred insulation choices, importance of proper hose lengths, nozzles, and install techniques. The one consistent thing across all blown cavities is FABRIC. In an earlier post we discussed the many advantages of fabric rather than open web netting. In today’s post we want to elaborate on why we partnered with Linked Building Products and the InsulTECH fabrics.

1) Made in the USA – It isn’t a hard sell these days about the value of having a product that is made start to finish in the USA. You have tighter quality control parameters, you have immediate accountability and corrective action in the case of a malfunction, and you don’t have to worry about the consistency as opposed to other fabric options that are being imported from various regions depending on who has the cheapest costs. Don’t be fooled by the .com people who claim to have great products with lower costs. In the end this could cost you thousands and worse, your reputation for using substandard non code approved materials.

2) The building science team at Linked is dedicated to reviewing and understanding each application has it’s own set of challenges. We have had many case studies with various fiberglass insulations, cellulose, open cell and closed cell spray foam, and even air-krete. With each unique application for Blown Insulation Cavity Systems, PCI met us headstrong with solutions focused around air flow and rigidity.

3) Proprietary blends. With the above information it’s no secret that the team at Linked has created proprietary solutions for their InsulTECH Line up. Depending on your specific installation, they have created a turn key solution for your fabric needs.

4) The ability to private label and do custom printed fabrics. Today, more than ever before, branding and company recognition is important. Linked was the first company to offer branded insulation fabrics, and again, they reverse integrated to offer it. This isn’t outsourced, it is done in house with the same dedicated quality control procedures.

5) They have partnered with several insulation manufacturers directly to work on turn key solutions. If you’re like me, and you don’t want to deal with a “Sales Company” or a “Furniture Company” to buy components that are similar to what is recommended for a certified Blown Insulation Cavity System, then look no further. There is no other company with the dedicated professionalism offering INTERTEK listed, and code approved fabrics for all types of blown applications.

Linked Building Products

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