Did you know that your insulation must touch all 6 sides of your closed cavity?

Yes, the international/federal building codes require that whatever insulation you install into a closed cavity MUST touch the entire face of each side of the interior of the cavity. This helps stop the creation of gaps and voids in each space.

What a better way to meet the code than by using a BICs system?

There is no question that all 6 sides of the inside of the cavity will be in contact with the insulation when a certified applicator installs the dense packed system into the hollow area.

By design, the product being blown in behind the Insulguard fabric will completely fill the area. Thus, filling the cavity all the way from the top to the bottom. From each side to the other and from front to back.

When installed correctly, there is no settling so there’s no worry about any of the interior surfaces not touching the BICs system, even in those tiny nooks and cranny’s that are created by having pipes and wires in the same space.

BICs, when it counts!


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