Are you creating a convection loop in your house/building without knowing it?

First, what is a convection loop?

It’s when outside air is drawn into a poorly insulated wall and travels up thru the gaps and voids till it gets to the attic, heating up the wall in the summer and making the wall cold in the winter.

This creates and lot of issues:

  • Hot walls in the summer time
  • Cold walls in the winter time
  • Higher utility bills
  • Possibility of creating condensation in the walls

The best way to prevent this loop is to make sure the wall is insulated with a system that removes virtually all of the pathways the heated, or colder, air can take. BIC’s, coupled with a good seal package, is a perfect fit in the exterior envelope as it fills these voids and gaps, virtually stopping the convection loop.

Building science, a good thing!

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