BIC’s The Perfect fit….. Literally!

When we say that BICs is the perfect fit for you, we really mean it! There are few insulation systems that can make that claim. And fewer of them are as affordable as the Blow in Cavity system. As we’ve alluded to previously, there is no cavity that BICs can’t fill if installed “.

We all know how difficult it is to “cut to fit” a premanufactured batt into cavity that is more than likely not framed perfectly. Not to mention it has to be cut to fit around anything that’s been installed in the cavity as well. We are going to see many openings, voids and gaps where energy/air is going to easily transfer thru the wall. It’s inevitable.

Whatever is in that cavity, drain pipes, electrical wire, plumbing supply lines and even extra framing, BIC’s will fill in around each of these obstacles with ease! But only if the technician has done her/his due diligence. That means they have been professionally trained on how to process the fiber and how to make sure the density remains consistent in the cavity, virtually eliminating all voids, gaps and openings.

So, for the perfect fit, application and cost, choose BICs, you will never be disappointed!

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